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Live performance chalk art is a powerful addition to any student activities program. From inspiring creativity and fostering a sense of community to promoting student engagement, mental well-being, and social media buzz, these artists contribute to a vibrant and thriving campus atmosphere. Their captivating artistry and interactive approach create unforgettable experiences that resonate long after the chalk has faded.

We encourage you to embrace the possibilities of live performance chalk art and its ability to enrich your student activities program. Let’s celebrate the transformative power of art, inspire creative exploration, and forge deeper connections within our campus community.

The Chalk Twins travel around the country providing live performance chalk art as well as “make it and take it” chalk board options for students. If you want art, any kind of art, and would like to support a woman-owned small business reach out to us on our Contact page.

St Cloud Lemonade Concert

Live Performance

The Chalk Twins will visit your campus and will perform live to complete a chalk art mural up to 7’x7′ in size on canvas. When done – the artwork belongs to you. You can frame it and mount it, sell it, auction it or donate it! $2,000 – $4,000

St. Cloud State University, Department of Campus Involvement contracted with the Chalk Twins for a live performance at the 50th Annual Lemonade Concert and Art Fair on our campus in June 2023. From beginning to end, working with Devon and Lexi was very smooth! We requested a custom mural to be created during the fair, and they were more than willing to work with our suggestions for what we desired in the finished chalk artwork piece. They were a great addition to our fair, and attendees loved to watch the Chalk Twins in action! I would highly recommend the Chalk Twins for any campus event; it was a unique and fun addition to our fair this year.

– Christa Martin, Director of Civic Engagement and Assessment

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Chalk Boards DIY

An Interactive and Participatory Experience: One of the unique aspects of chalk art is its interactive nature, which invites students to actively participate in the artistic process. This interactive element instills a sense of ownership and empowerment among students, as they become creators in the art.

We will ship 5″x7″ chalk boards and chalk markers to your school. Students will be able to create their own artwork. $10 per participant.

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Chalk Board Mascot

Chalk Boards by the Chalk Twins

The Chalk Twins will visit your campus and create chalk board art for students or guide students to do their own art. $10 per participant plus travel.

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Chalk Board Classes

The Chalk Twins will visit your campus and give a 1 hour instructional chalk art class. Up to 100 students can participate at once. All materials are supplied. $10 per participant plus travel.

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Chalk Board Coffee