Live Performance

The Chalk Twins are personable and friendly so a live performance becomes more than just a display of fine art in progress. A Chalk Twins live performance is a special opportunity for people to talk to the artists while they work, take pictures and enjoy the process.


If you don’t want the entertainment of a live performance but would like artwork done for your home, office or business the Chalk Twins would be glad to create a chalk art mural or canvas to the size and design specifications that meet your needs.

Chalk Art Classes

Soft pastel chalk is one of the most accessible mediums you can use. The Chalk Twins love teaching the art of chalk. Tips and tricks are shared with everyone. These classes are great for schools, team building events and conventions.


Would you like the softness and personal touch that chalk art can bring to your business or special event? The Chalk Twins can create beautiful signage that your guests will surely enjoy.

Photo Ops

A photo opportunity is a great way for show attendees or event guests to interact with the art. Each photo op is designed for quick setup and a lot of fun. Props are often used to enhance each photo.

Chalk and Talk

Universities bring the Chalk Twins in to talk about art careers, women-owned business and themed entertainment. These talks are supplemented with a chalk art piece that is created live during the talk and can then be framed and mounted.