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About Us

Devon and Lexi are the Chalk Twins, 17-time award-winning identical twin chalk artists.

Self Portrait

Devon and Lexi graduated from Furman University where they both received majors in studio art. They have had the opportunity to study different art media in Cortona, Italy. In addition to their formal study in art, Devon and Lexi have enjoyed tremendous success as chalk artists. Since they were sixteen they have been participating in chalk art competitions throughout the Southeast.

For the Chalk Twins chalk art is a performing art. Devon and Lexi interact with audiences, talking about art, anime, movies, books, twin stuff or whatever else people wish to discuss – all while the artwork comes alive at their feet. The Chalk Twins have performed professionally at over 100 conventions, corporate events and entertainment venues. They are available to travel around the country or around the world to bring their talent to your show or special event. If you are interested in having them at your event, click here.

Artist Statement

We love all things geeky. But we always find that when we admire a nerdy graphic t-shirt or a painting, we gravitate toward the subtle. We love the art that only true fans would recognize. We hide our geekiness in plain sight while still being a beacon to others who enjoy the same things we do. To that end, that is what our Geek Life series is all about.

Our mentor was a still life painter, and we love the fact that one can tell a whole story with just a couple of strategically placed items. We enjoy the challenge of encapsulating an entire show or concept into one picture, without using words or people. Our goal is to get others to see the beauty and power of still life while celebrating the stories and hobbies that connect us as a community.

We have more than a dozen Geek Lifes lined up that we would like to do. You can see what we’ve done so far in our Fine Art section.

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