Chalk festivals are events usually sponsored by local municipalities. Sometimes they are independent events and sometimes they are part of a bigger art festival. The Chalk Twins have been participating in these events since we were 16 years old.


Conventions may be the most fun the Chalk Twins have while chalking, for a number of reasons. They’re indoors which is a bonus when you live in Florida. More importantly, the people are terrific! They share the same appreciation of art and a passion for their shows, movies, books, et al.


Corporate work is always appreciated. Chalk art can be used to promote an event, for commercials, for entertainment or can even be hung in a business as artwork. If you’re not sure if chalk art would work for your corporate need, contact the Chalk Twins and they will let you know what can be done.


Commissioning an artist to produce a work of art can be highly rewarding for both parties. The work is personal and unique, it will be specifically produced for you and your requirements, and you build new relationships. Each commission will vary slightly in the steps taken from conception through to completion, as each commissioner, artist, situation and circumstance is unique.


At a Chalk Twins chalk art camp children learn the “10 Secrets of Chalk Art”. Children can be as young as 6 but children who are 10-16 years old can much better appreciate and master the techniques used by the Chalk Twins. The camps are usually five days long and last four hours each day.


The Chalk Twins are in the process of creating a couple of series of artwork.

Photo Ops

The Chalk Twins create giant photo ops as a way to get people to interact with art. They make a great addition to anyone’s social media account.